A cloudy day is no match for a sunny disposition

Having grown up in southern California, I have always relished beautiful year round sunny weather. There’s just something great about walking out of your house on a December morning and feeling like, maybe you might end up getting drinks at a beachside bar later that day! Such a day was pretty common just as recently as last year. But in the span of a little over a year, my life has changed mucho!

Now, I have my own “little sunshine” that brings me joy wherever I go! Hence, I recently discovered I actually am becoming fond of, and even looking forward to the Bay Area/SF cloudy, foggy weather of late. Case in point: earlier this week, we (the hubby, my sister, the baby and I) went on a hike at the Marin Headlands in Sausalito, which promised beautiful views of the Bay. It turned out to be a pretty cloudy day, but as it turns out, it was THE perfect day for taking gorgeously moody pictures!FullSizeRender

The hike itself was pretty easy, but the scenery was breathtaking! Somehow it felt as if I had been teleported to a hilly, small town in Scotland (never been). Red-roofed buildings popped against the stormy gray clouds as a crane serenely flew over the isthmus between the fierce ocean and a placid marsh.  It was an idyllic setting to practice my photography skills!

IMG_6726_SnapseedIMG_6778_SnapseedIMG_6760_SnapseedI used my fixed focal length (50 mm) Canon f1.8 lens to take all the pictures mainly because I tend to love the pictures it takes in low lighting but a wide-angle lens with an optical zoom would’ve actually been more helpful. But so far, aside from the standard 50-80 mm lens which came with my camera (Canon EOS Rebel T2i), this is the only other lens I own. Regardless, as I was explaining to my sister that day, a fancy lens or camera doesn’t capture a moment or an emotion, a good photographer does! I think that most great pictures come from good composition and good lighting, both of which are controlled by the person holding the camera.

Ok, if my hubby is reading this, a good lens probably also helps! *hint, hint* IMG_6796_SnapseedHere he is with my sister and my lil sunshine!

IMG_6771_SnapseedI love this picture because of the different textures from the knotty tree roots, to the wispy marsh grass, to the glassy reflective water!

Ofcourse, our dog, Lucy, accompanied us on the hike and LOVED every minute of it!IMG_6810_SnapseedHere she is frolicking about with a found stick! She’s still such a puppy! =)

Note: Some of these pictures have been edited slightly with a few of my favorite apps. I love Snapseed for adjusting brightness/contrast etc. Afterlight is another great one for smartphones. And PicTapGo has a great selection of filters! Finally, I absolutely LOVE the graphic design elements that  come with Typic!

Have you taken any good pictures lately? Don’t wait for the sun to come out. Now’s the time!

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